Hollywood Honey Facial Testimonials

"I’ve been using the honey formula and I definitely see a difference with regular use.  I’d recommend you to try it too."    

~Rona Edwards, Film & TV producer/author
Edwards Skerbelis Entertainment


"I am a licensed esthetician and recently had the opportunity to train with Kathryn in the art of the Original Hollywood Honey Facial. I wanted to learn a facial massage technique to help with lifting of the facial muscles. What I learned was so much more. I loved the massage technique as it not only helps relieve stress and tightness in the face, but also increases the blood circulation in the skin resulting in a cleansing and detoxification effect. The Royal Facial Honey application is so unique, leaving you feel exfoliated and soft as a baby. I was so excited to learn that it is great for the treatment of acne too! It is truly a unique facial and will put you into a class of your own."    

 ~M.  Adel   (Los Angeles, CA)

"I have traveled extensively and experienced many different types of facials.  Kate has been my facialist for the past 15 years in Santa Barbara; her technique and honey product are unique. The  response of my skin to the honey treatment is amazing; my skin actually glows and feels  plumper and smoother. The honey has kept my skin looking younger and more vibrant than any other anti-aging or moisturizing product I have  tried."

~Cynthia (Fredericksburg, TX)


"I have had acne and troubled skin all my life. When I found Kathryn and started receiving her facial contouring treatments and began using the facial honey on my skin, my life changed. I have tried almost everything, and can say nothing has helped heal my skin so much. I'm so grateful for this product. I recommend anyone who has troubled skin, or just wants beautiful healthy skin, to give it a try!"

~Donette (San Clemente, CA)


 "My rather ruddy complexion has benefited greatly from Ms. Connors' exceptional facials, and I was thrilled when she made her Royal Facial Honey available for me to use at home. I use it for regular maintenance as it has the ability to increase circulation, which gives my skin a beautiful glow. Also, at the very first sign of a blemish, I reach for the honey and - like magic - the blemish never appears. I simply would never be without it!"

~Sarah (Santa Ynez, CA)


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