Have you ever wondered...

How  Hollywood legends like Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable maintained a youthful appearance without Botox and regular plastic surgery? 

Their secret revealed...The Original Hollywood Honey Facial©

No Technique Like This...

What’s unique about this technique – IT’S TIMELESS!

Dr. Campbell and his partner Madame Renna, an aesthetician, developed a treatment in the early 1920’s combining an all natural honey based facial product with a unique facelift and contouring massage technique. For the next 30 years they treated many famed Hollywood stars including Gracie Allen, George Burns, Lucille Ball and June Lockhart. 

By today’s standards this regime was revolutionary when Madame Renna and Dr. Campbell developed it nearly 70 years ago. Their secret was in creating a unique facelift contouring massage technique that went well beyond the simple application of their proprietary Royal Facial Honey product.

The facial technique involves increasing blood circulation to the undernourished cells; improving skin’s radiance while it tones and firms the neck and facial muscles.

The Royal Facial Honey acts like a vacuum to break up and loosen the impurities in clogged pores leaving skin hydrated, lifted, plump and smooth as silk. 

Ms. Connors trained in The Renna Method in 1982. She is happy to reintroduce Dr. Campbell and Madame Renna's,  facial contouring massage technique - formerly known as  The Renna Method  - now being reintroduced as The Original Hollywood Honey Facial. 


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